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They Need You

Not all penguins make their homes on the ice. African penguins live on the sunny beaches of South Africa. After spending months at sea feeding on sardines and anchovies, they return to the rocky shorelines to build their nests and raise their chicks … but their food and homes are disappearing—and so will these lovable penguins, unless we act quickly.

For decades, their beachside nests were destroyed—crushed by machinery and then sold as fertilizer. Along with a housing shortage, these struggling families face a vanishing food supply, and the catastrophic effects caused by oil spills. As a result, entire colonies of endangered penguins are left without food, shelter, and a safe place to lay their eggs and raise their family.

San Diego Zoo Global is dedicated to saving species like the African penguin from extinction—but we need your help! Your support will provide artificial nest boxes for penguin families, the 24 hour care needed to hand-raise chicks from egg to release, and critical response teams necessary to rescue, rehabilitate, and release entire penguin colonies from the mortifying effects of oil spills. We simply cannot save and protect African penguins without you!

You can make a meaningful difference and change the course of history—become a Penguin Protector by making a generous gift for penguins today!

They Need You

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